Under the Philippine National Police's Standard Operating Procedure No. 7 or the Revised Procedure in the Reporting and Disposition of Stolen and Recovered/Impounded Motor Vehicles released on April 12, 2011, no PNP personnel shall use a recovered-stolen or impounded motor vehicle or cause the use thereof by any person prior to the lifting of the "alarm" issued thereon and the subsequent release of the said motor vehicle to its lawful owner.

Lee called on the public to report any PNP personnel (uniformed and non-uniformed) involved in any irregularities to the PNP-IMEG hotlines: SMART -- 0998-970-2286 or GLOBE -- 0995-795-2569. Information may also be forwarded to Facebook Page: Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group.

“There will be no respite in the crackdown against scalawags amid the enhanced community quarantine against Covid-19 (coronavirus disease 2019). We’re intensifying our monitoring of policemen involved in all forms of illegal activities and assure the public we will apprehend them as soon as we have enough evidence against them," Lee said. 


Source: PNA - by Christopher Lloyd Caliwan